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Hawthorne Office

This location is at 2045 SE Hawthorne..

We are served by Tri-Met Line #14.
On-street parking is generally available within a block or two.

Melissa Melissa Tomecek, M.A.

Professional, Affordable Counseling
for Adults, Couples and Youth
LGBTQIA Affirming
Fees: $40 with sliding fee options

michaelMichael Crockett, Psy.D.

Psychotherapy for Adults
Specializing in Anxiety, Life Transitions

Laura Laura Kille, M.A.

Specializing in Body Image, Sexuality
Welcoming LGBTQIA+
"Health at Every Size"
"Be Nourished"
Fees: $40 per session

christineChristine Artmann, M.S., CADC III

Affordable, Skilled Counseling for Adults & Couples

Welcoming Clients with Substance Abuse Concerns

Shannon Quinn, M.A., L.P.C.

Skilled, Professional Counseling for Adults
Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Depression
Pet Loss ~ Grief & Bereavement

rachaelRachael Patoray, L.P.C., A.T.R.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Registered Art Therapist


Shannon Quinn, M.A., L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, LPC #4077

Skilled, Professional Counseling for Adults

Specializing in Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem, Grief & Loss

Telephone: 503-208-4208
Email: Shannon@QuinnCounseling.com
Website: QuinnCounseling.com

Do you feel lost, like you aren't sure who you are or where you are going?
Do you miss being a kid?
Or perhaps you have a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you?

I can help.

Whether you would like to improve your relationships with partners, friends, or family, explore feelings of grief in your own way without pressure to "get back to normal already," or find that sense of self and purpose that you might be missing, I provide a safe and confidential environment to process thoughts and feelings and gain insight, feedback and understanding. I strive to create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment of empathy and unconditional positive regard while helping you discover solutions to problems. I will sensitively meet you where you are and respectfully work with you at your own pace.

Areas of Experience & Special Interest:

Relationship problems / Low self-esteem / Anxiety
Depression / Grief/Bereavement / Pet Loss
Life transitions/quarter-life crisis / Stress management
LGBQ issues / Personal exploration & growth

I earned my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College, a CACREP accredited program, here in Portland, Oregon. I have clinical experience working with teens and adults in educational, medical, and residential settings. My focus was helping clients work through grief/loss, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and life transitions.

My fee is just $100 per 50-minute session. I offer a significant sliding fee and have several time slots available for reduced rates. I offer a free 50-minute consultation: an opportunity for us to connect, explore your needs, and create a forward path.

Please call 503-208-4208, or email me at shannon@quinncounseling.com with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to working with you!


Michael Crockett, Psy.D.

Oregon Board of Psychologisst Examiners, License #2717

Psychotherapy for Adults
Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Life Transitions

Telephone: 503-893-2249
Email: Dr.MichaelCrockett@gmail.com

Website: NewDirectionsTherapy.com

Welcome. Are you struggling to define yourself socially or professionally? Is anxiety or depression hindering your enjoyment of life? My clients have often come to a place in life where they feel stuck and are in search of a new direction.

I utilize an integrative approach drawing from mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and humanistic therapy systems. I studied psychology for a decade, completing a MA in General Psychology from NYU in 2007, and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in 2014. The focus in our work together will be on what is happening in your life TODAY and how you want it to look differently. I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental space so that you donít need to continue struggling on your own.

I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, relationship, and identity concerns. Depending on your needs, we can take a directive approach targeting specific symptoms (e.g. social anxiety, excessive worry, panic attacks) or a less structured approach where you can reflect upon your life and identify what you want to pursue.

Together, we can uncover the patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that are holding you back, and establish a happier and healthier way of being in the world. I utilize a collaborative client-centered approach to provide the balance between supporting and challenging you that is necessary for promoting growth and change. My standard fee is $150 per session, and Iím am devoted to offering sliding scale options to those who need, but cannot afford my services. I certainly look forward to hearing from you.


Christine Artmann, M.S., CADC III

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern (in process)

Skilled, Affordable Counseling
Serving Adults & Couples
Welcoming Clients with Substance Abuse Concerns

Telephone: 503-929-3038
Email: acquariuscounseling@gmail.com

My Approach:

Counseling, I believe, is a collaborative process where two people begin to work together to facilitate growth, healing, and change. When we are hurting, looking both inside and outside ourselves is important to find meaning and peace. Seeking therapy can be a scary thing; I work hard to create a safe place where both struggles and successes can be explored, celebrated, and refined as you work toward your personal and life goals.

I believe individuals come to therapy after some part of life becomes disconnected or disjointed. Whether the disconnection is with ourselves, our environment, or something larger, therapy can help us reconnect and move forward in achieving goals in life.

My approach is mindfulness-based, meaning that I will help you deepen your awareness of the specific ways you experience yourself, others, and the world around you. I will guide and support you in cultivating compassion and acceptance towards yourself and others, so that you feel empowered to make the positive changes you desire in your life.

About Me

I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University, I am a Registered Licensed Professional Counselor Intern with the State of Oregon, and am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) III. I am working toward independent licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor, and my clinical supervisor is Catherine Nyhan, LPC; she can be reached at catherine.nyhan@gmail.com. I have worked in the mental health field since 2008, including in-patient residential treatment, partial hospitalization program, outpatient treatment services, and wilderness therapy.

I provide individual counseling with adults ages 18 and up, and will be providing adolescent therapy beginning in September. I have training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and have a certificate in Ecotherapy. Using nature-based interventions as part of the therapy process can be deeply impactful in the healing process. I am happy to provide a free 30 minute phone or in-person consultation to see if my counseling strategies would be a good fit for you. Please visit my website, aquariuscounseling.com, to obtain more information about beginning counseling with me, and to learn more about my background and qualifications.

I look forward to hearing from you.

MelissaMelissa Tomecek, M.A., LPC Intern

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern

Individual, Adolescent and Couples Therapy
LGBTQIA Friendly

Fees: $40 with sliding scale options

Telephone: 503-984-7920
Email: MelissaTomecekCounseling@gmail.com

I genuinely believe that it is the quality of the relationship between therapist and the client that allows for real, lasting changes to occur. My role as the therapist, is to walk alongside, and create a safe space for your growth and development. You are the expert on your life and journey, and it is my role to help guide through that journey.

I tailor therapy to meet your individual needs and achieve your desired outcome. My approach is to work with ideas from cognitive-behavioral counseling, changing behaviors and thought patterns. I also use a strengths based approach, focusing on your strengths as an individual, and them as an aide in your growth. Not limited by methods, I will take whatever approach is needed to meet your needs. I provide non-judgmental support in identifying and resolving current problems and long-standing patterns that get in the way of the change you wish to see in your life.

In my career, I have worked with adults with severe and persistent mental illness struggling with a multitude of issues including depression, anxiety and substance abuse. I completed my internship serving adolescents, dealing with depression and self- identity.

I enjoy working with individual adults and adolescents, as well as with couples facing challenges and wanting to achieve a more satisfying relationship overall. Issues may include depression, anxiety, fear, isolation and identity.

I received my degree in Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University, and I am currently working towards licensure. My fee is $40 per session and I offer sliding scale options for clients coping with financial difficulties.

Please give me a call ~ I look forward to speaking with you!

lauraLaura Kille, M.A.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern (pending)

Specializing in Sexuality, Body Image
"Health at Every Size" & "Be Nourished" Informed
LGBTQIA+ Welcoming

Telephone: 303-845-0191
Email: laurakille@gmail.com

Thank you so much for checking out my page. I am honored that you are considering working with me!

As a counselor, it is my mission to help those who may be suffering from sexual health issues and/or negative body image. My education has focused on sexuality and sexual health, specifically how body image and sexuality intertwine for my clients. Body dissatisfaction can often be interwoven into our lives and can sometimes negatively affect our relationships.

I am "Health At Every Size" and "Be Nourished" informed and a LGBTQIA and Kink aware professional. Iíve worked as a sex educator and have spoken at Queer Sex Ed events. That being said, I am welcoming of all types of bodies -- no matter size, shape, color, gender, sexuality or ability status. If you have a body, you are welcome here!

My intention is to help all my clients feel at ease discussing sensitive topics, no matter what they are. We, as humans, have a strong desire to connect with others and when we explore our thoughts and feelings with intention and understanding, we can find ourselves discovering a new path of connection and healing.

I look forward to talking with you soon about your specific needs. Please contact me to set up an initial appointment.
Watch my video

rachaelRachael Patoray, L.P.C., A.T.R.

Oregon Board of Licensed Counselors & Therapists / Registered Art Therapist

Counseling, Art Therapy & EMDR for Teens and Adults
Providing Individual & Family Counseling

Email: Rachael@ArtTherapyCounselor.com
Website: ArtTherapyCounselor.com

Change really can happen and you have the ability to make these changes!

You are unique, as we all are, and therefore deserve an approach that is tailor- made to fit your emotional & mental health needs. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered Art Therapist (ATR), and EMDR Practitioner located in SE Portland, Oregon. Within my practice, I focus on treating trauma, anxiety/depression/ mental health diagnosis, acting-out teens, family difficulties/changes, sibling work, "stuck-ness" and self-discovery.

Sometimes we live with feelings that pop up when we least expect them to, and then we shove them back down until they eventually show up again. A large part of my job is to help you address these feelings in a calm, safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment. We will work on exploring and growing your strengths. I provide regular "talk" therapy and I will teach you tools that you can use in your daily life. I use Art therapy & Expressive Therapies, to help you identify, explore, and express yourself. You will have insight into your life, allowing for changes so that you can get un-stuck and finally heal.

What is Art Therapy? Art therapy is the use of creating art to help identify and address what it is you are struggling with. Art therapy gives your unconscious a voice. Have you ever had trouble putting words to your difficulties? Through the use of talk therapy and art therapy, you can have a deeper dialogue with yourself! Art therapy is for all ages, not just for children. And, if you are not comfortable using art in the counseling process, that's okay too, this is your time and your work!

What is EMDR? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). EMDR is an integrative psychotherapy which has been found to be particularly helpful with treating trauma and PTSD. EMDR can also help treat various issues, including anxiety and phobias. EMDR doesn't make you forget an event; it helps you become "unstuck" from the negative thoughts and emotions that you continue to experience. It also helps you make connections and have a better understanding of what actually happened in your past. EMDR can help you leave your past in your past!

I provide clinical supervision for ATR candidates and for art therapy graduate students who are in the internship time of their program.

Below are some of the specialties I address in my practice:

- Mental Health and Medical Health issues

- Mood Diagnosis, including Depression, Anxiety, and Bi-polar

- Helping teens who "act out" at school and home

- Family Conflicts

- Getting "Unstuck"

- Helping Young Adults and Adults of all ages with finding, setting, and following through on goals

- Communication Problems

- Identifying connections between your body & mind


- Life Transitions - i.e., relationships, moving, school, career change

- Victims of Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Trauma

- Body Image and Eating Disorders

- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

- Grief and Loss

- Personal Growth

Fees: I am in-network with Regence BCBS. I am an out-of-network provider for all other insurance companies. Please contact me with questions regarding your insurance provider. I can provide you with a completed insurance claim form that you can give to your insurance provider for payment reimbursement.

I believe that counseling is important, so I don't want you to shy away from counseling due to finances. I do reserve a number of hours for sliding scale cases and I am happy to discuss a sliding scale fee on a case by case basis.

I am happy to schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation with you, to see if we are a good fit.

Please check out my website for further information at ArtTherapyCounselor.com

I look forward to hearing from you!


Wise Counsel & Comfort
Portland, Oregon
• 503-282-0182 • lynnejoy@gmail.com

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