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Meet the professionals who practice at Wise Counsel & Comfort...



Jennifer Zimmer, L.P.C.
Michael Kadera, L.P.C.
E. Leah Downs, L.C.S.W.
Barbara Breck, Ph.D.
Shelly Oliver, L.C.S.W.
Molly Vaux, L.P.C.
Mindy Feather, L.P.C.
Jaime Larson, Psy.D.
Lisa Johnson, L.C.S.W.
Elizabeth Coleman, M.A.
Rebecca Ruyle, M.S.W.
Brittany Eide, M.S.C.P.

511 SW 10th, #601

Lilyan Moore, M.Ed.
Daniel Gilbride, L.P.C.
Dica Dietzschold, M.A.
Ryan Brown, M.A.

511 SW 10th, #614

Roy Huggins, M.S.
Joey O'Connell, L.P.C.
Karen Chenier, Ph.D.
Sam Wilson, L.C.S.W.

423 NE 60th

Courtney Woodward, L.P.C.
Cathy Walker, L.P.C.
Rochelle Schwartz, L.P.C.
Kent Kreiselmaier, M.A.
Shannon Barnes, M.S.
Fayanna Johnson, L.C.S.W.

5932 NE Glisan

Steve Sutton, L.C.S.W.
Samuel Baker, L.P.C.
Kathleen Thompson, L.P.C.
Melissa Monroe, L.P.C.
Joel Cox, L.C.S.W.
Pat Murray, M.S.
John Coyle, L.C.S.W.
Karin Sawyer, R.N., Life Coach
Marca Cassity, RN, LMFT

Lake Oswego ~ Westlake

Amber Cottrell, L.P.C.
Susan Pinkley, L.P.C.
Dane Nielsen, M.A.
Jennifer Besst, L.M.F.T.
Robert Garber, L.C.S.W.
Lisa Smole, Hypnotherapy

3430 SE Belmont

Gillian Scott, L.C.S.W.
Rachel "Ray" Humphrey, M.Ed.
Anne Sinkey, M.S.W.

4431 SE Woodstock

Molly Heriza, M.S.
Jacinda Phillips, LMT, CET
Ann "Betsy" Langston, LMFT
Rebecca English, M.S.
Jane Leng, L.C.S.W.
Kari Hays, M.R.C.
Jeanette Griffin, M.A..

Multnomah Village

Becky Nice, L.P.C., A.T.R.
Andrea Mize, L.C.S.W.


Shannon Quinn, L.P.C.
Michael Crockett, Psy.D.
Melissa Tomecek, M.A.
Laura Kille, M.A.
Madilyn Long, M.S.W.
Doug Vogel, M.S., LPC Intern

4179 S.E. Division

Jiro Isetani, M.A.
Jose DelHoyo, M.S.W.
Desiree Guzman, L.C.S.W.
Lisa Raney, L.P.C.
Don Bonner, L.C.S.W.

3954 N. Williams

Jessi Dey, M.S.
Earlyn Smith, L.P.C.
Laurie Pearson, L.C.S.W.
Ronald Johnson, C.A.D.C.
Janis Crawford, Ph.D.
Jesse Rorvig, M.A.
Jason Durtschi, L.C.S.W.
Malaysha Castillo, L.M.F.T.

2328 NE Fremont

Angela Bailey, P.M.H.N.P.
Keith Mackie, L.P.C.
Stephenie C. Szumny, L.P.C.
Sam Freshner, M.A.
Jillian Brown, M.S., C.Ht.
Roza Skenderova, M.A.

NW 21st & Hoyt

Tom Wolf, L.C.S.W.
Moira Ryan, M.A., L.P.C.
Ghassan Ammar, L.P.C.
Tracy Roberti, L.C.S.W.


Roxie Sprick, L.M.F.T.
Beth Monlux, L.P.C.
Kristen Beck, M.S.
Nancy Maloy, L.P.C.
Teresa Crofts, M.A.

If your symptoms are severe or disabling, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.


Lynne Joy Nesbit, M.S. Lynne Joy Nesbit, M.S.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, License C2242

Email: lynnejoy@gmail.com
No-Cost Initial Consultation Appointments Available

This is the introductory paragraph I've had on my public materials almost since the beginning of my career in 1995:
"It is my privilege to work as a counselor and therapist, to be trusted with the most personal of your concerns as you explore and examine whatever it is that stands in the way of having the life you desire."
I've served more than a thousand clients and couples in my private practice, and it has been a great joy in my life. Sadly, because of the filing of a lawsuit and Board complaint (I allowed a warm friendship to develop with this client), I am no longer permitted to provide services as a "Licensed Professional Counselor." This prevents me from diagnosing or treating any kind of mental health disorder. I remain hopeful that I will be able to return to my profession as an LPC, but that decision is in the hands of the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists.
  • If you would like further information about the allegations against me, feel completely free to be in touch. I made ethical errors, but none that I am at all ashamed of or embarrassed about.
Launching Wise Counsel & Comfort many years ago was the beginning of the fulfillment of a dream I'd had for many years -- to do something big to help the professional mental health community practice in a way that would offer more affordable services to low and middle-income uninsured clients.

From one counselor with three colleagues in 2000, we have grown to a thriving community of licensed professionals, (counselors, social workers, psychologists, etc.) as well as interns working under supervision toward their license. We have been able to support other wellness and alternative care practitioners who offer affordable services as well -- life coaches, hypnotherapists, nutrition counselors, etc.

We are all so grateful to have the privilege to serve our community and our professions in this way.

At this time, I am able to accept new counseling clients, but only those who are not in need of the services of a licensed clinician. If you'd like my help in making a decision about who might best meet your needs, please give me a call in Portland at 503-282-0182, or e-mail me at: lynnejoy@gmail.com. I'm glad to offer guidance at no cost.

All the best,

Lynne Joy

Chi Samuel Chi Baker, M.S., L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, License C1833

Adolescents, Adults, Couples & Families

Healing is a balance between the past and the present. It incorporates life experiences, family of origin, culture, ethnicity, personal goals, and resources. Areas of concentration include a combination of mind, body, and soul. An exploration of what has happened in the past to where you are today provides a framework to create new spaces, outlooks, and a better way of life. My personal mantra is that Life is about Thriving, not just Surviving.

In my practice, I use a combination of many different healing techniques. In cognitive behavioral therapy, one of the most effective tools in today's practices, you and I examine how your thoughts and actions dictate today, and how to alter them to create a new tomorrow. From a person/client centered approach, I see all people as capable of healing themselves, and truly believe in their ability to make positive change. Taking aspects from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I teach emotional regulation (controlling the highs and lows) distress tolerance (skillfully handling a crisis), and interpersonal effectiveness (how to communicate successfully with others). These are essential components to lifelong skills. Motivational Interviewing, from an addiction recovery standpoint, allows clients to assess and make their own decisions and challenge themselves to move towards sobriety.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and I have over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of populations in many different environments, including inpatient, outpatient, therapeutic wilderness settings, jails, schools, and homes. My scope of counseling extends from individuals to couples, families, and groups. I have a dual diagnosis Master's degree and am therefore trained and certified in counseling both mental health and addiction issues. I enjoy working with a range of ages, from adolescents to the geriatric population. My mental health counseling experience, to name a few, covers schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, borderline and bipolar disorder. I also have over 8 years experience working with clients who have drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, as well as those who are chronic criminal offenders.

My personal counseling philosophy does not simply look at mental health or addiction issues. It includes looking at all aspects of a person's life: family, friends, job, living environment, recreation, diet, exercise, nutrition, spiritual practices, budget/finances, and past, present, and future experiences and goals. Long-term healing and change comes from within, and extends outward. I see therapy as a lifestyle that continues outside of the counseling room and into each integral aspect of your life.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you transform your life into a place where you choose to sit, laugh, play, and most importantly, THRIVE!

CourtneyCourtney A. Woodward, M.S., L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists

Adult, Adolescent, Family Counseling
Certified Mediator
Email: CourtneyWoodward@yahoo.com

Are you stuck? Are you feeling frustrated with the direction of your life? What do you want?

Part of my work with anyone whether it is an adult, a teenager, or a business is to find out what that person really wants in their life. It’s my job to help lead you to a place of understanding, awareness, and acceptance so you can really get what you want!

I have a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Purdue University and over 14 years experience working with adolescents, adults, and families in finding their way to better communication, decreasing feelings of sadness, loss, anger and anxiety, improving relationships, as well as gaining improvement in physical, mental, and emotional well being.

I have a straight-forward, direct approach and utilize a cognitive behavioral theoretical model with large doses of humor, empathy, safety, and compassion. I believe that once we feel safe sharing our thoughts and feelings we can change our behavioral patterns through hard work, introspection and insight.

I believe that therapy should be available to anyone that wants it no matter their income or insurance. My fees are $70/hour, however, I offer a sliding fee scale to all clients and our first 50minute consultation is free. At this time, I do not accept insurance, however I may be able to meet your “co-pay” fee!

JenniferJennifer C. Zimmer, M.A., L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists License #C2043

Licensed Professional Counselor
Email: zimmer.jennifer@gmail.com

Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That is how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

I truly believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves. My approach to therapy, following this truth, is to help guide you to your own sense of self-empowerment. The more empowered one becomes in their own self-worth and their own values, the more one is able to believe that they actually do have control of their own lives, their circumstances, their emotions and thoughts, their very reason for seeking therapy. I, myself, have personally walked this path towards self-acceptance and forgiveness through love, which is the gateway towards healing. I encourage and challenge you for a moment to consider the reality that you actually have choices, choices that may lead you further into despair and/or choices that may lead you further to discover more happiness in your life. We do in fact create our own reality. My approach is client-centered, focusing on you and your current situation. I have over 10 years of mental health experience working with clients of all ages. I offer family, individual, couples and group counseling.

I received my Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies in Detroit, Michigan, 1998, and my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Michigan State University, 1995. I believe the source of any discontent is rooted in the reality of one not actualizing their own true potential. I feel passionate towards helping others realize their dream. It is a tough world to live in right now. Even the simple energetics of leaving ones own home can create stress, which adds to the burdens we already carry. Awareness is the pathway to protection from unwanted influences, including others. If you are feeling incredibly stressed, depressed, anxious, can't seem to figure out what to do with your life or the ones you love, give me a call. I also have thorough experience in working with at-risk youth, adolescents who really need someone to talk to.

I offer a sliding scale making therapy affordable for you. Initial consultation is free. I am in the process of accepting certain insurance plans, so please mention your insurance carrier. Reiki is also available. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

earlynEarlyn Smith, L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, License #C0825

Individuals, Families and Children
Clinical Supervision
Email: EarlynSmith@gmail.com

I believe people have incredible wisdom and resiliency, and the ability to create meaningful and satisfying lives. At times, however, almost everyone can benefit from support and assistance. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than thirty years experience providing that support and assistance to adults, adolescents, couples and families.

My approach to therapy is to start where you are and work with you toward where you want to be. Your goal may be specific and practical, involving choices and changes and new skills; or it may be something more complex, calling for deeper and perhaps longer term commitment to therapy. Therapy can be stressful, especially in the beginning, but it has been my experience that for clients who are strongly committed to their goals, and to learning and discovering how to more effectively use their wisdom and strengths, the rewards are great.

My areas of expertise include: coping with depression and anxiety, grief, loss and trauma; coping with life transitions and challenges such as illness, divorce and job loss; parenting including issues of step-parenting and blended families; improving relationships, and improving self-esteem and satisfaction with one's daily life.

I am committed to affordable therapy. My standard fee is $40 per session, with adjustments in some cases based on financial need. I welcome your call or e-mail, so we may discuss your goals and whether I might be the right therapist for you.


Michael Kadera, M.A., L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

Counseling for Adults, Couples & Adolescents
Confidential Telephone: 503-998-7521

The decision to seek counseling is a courageous step. I believe this courage stems from a desire to be well, to be heard and affirmed, to have our needs met, to be empowered, a desire to live out of the truth of who we are and become the authors of our own lives. While each of us has a life story that is unique, I believe this desire is shared by all. As a counselor, I am privileged to provide a safe, professional, and supportive environment wherein you can develop new tools to heal, learn and grow.

My under-graduate work was in fine arts, specifically painting. My art education informs my work as counselor, as I believe that, like creating art, self discovery is a creative and often collaborative process in which one strives to call forth something true and beautiful from within. In our counseling, I will collaborate with you to hone your gifts and express your true voice and vision.

I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Counseling and Education. My approach to counseling is an integrative one utilizing tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples. In addition to my clinical training and experience, I bring from my own personal journey honesty, respect, curiosity, insight, empathy and belief in human potential. I have experience working with individual adults, couples and adolescents who struggle with problems that include:

* Depression
* Anxiety
* Marital Issues
* Relational Problems
* Life Transitions
* Grief and Loss
* Family of Origin Issues
* Self-Esteem

The therapeutic process involves clients in exploring and sharing personal feelings, thoughts and experiences with another person, which is why finding the right counselor is so important. I offer an innitial no-cost consultation session to determine if we’ll be a good fit. My hourly fee thereafter is $80. I do not accept insurance, but accept cash or check at time of session. I offer a sliding-scale option to those with financial limitations, which I am happy to discuss by phone or during our consultation session.

RoyRoy Huggins, M.S.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, Registered Intern (in process)

Counseling for Individual Adults and Couples
Website: www.portland-counseling-therapy.com
Fees: $30-$40 per session
I offer special rates for students and people who are new to Portland

日本語を話せます -- I Speak Japanese.
I can speak in Simple English.


On Living Contently

Stress, worry and even depression are part of a healthy mind. Life is full of changes and transitions that make it hard to stay upbeat. It's difficult for all of us to live a contented life when we feel down, irritated, worried.

I’m here to help with that part.

I approach therapy from a humanistic, relationship-based perspective. Through our relationships with others, we can soften internal strife. My style is called “eclectic,” which means I use a variety of techniques depending on the situation, but I always maintain a focus on positive regard for my clients and my clients’ pain.

If you feel like you need help with living contently, give me a call or send me an email to schedule a no-cost 30-minute consultation.

Our initial 30-minute consultation is no-cost. Then, my sliding scale fee is $30-$40 per 50-minute session. I offer special rates for full-time students and people who have come here from other countries or other regions of the United States.

Watch my video

Cathy Cathy E. Walker, M.S., N.C.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern (in process)

Adults & Adolescents ~ Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Practice focus includes:
• Healing After a Suicide Death
• Coping with Aging Parent/Grandparent Issues
• Parenting/Step-parenting


Healing After a Suicide Death A suicide death of someone you love is a devastating loss. Feelings of sadness, confusion, guilt, despair, anger and a myriad other emotions can be debilitating. Recovery after a suicide death is an active journey from a rollercoaster of pain to living with the grief and regaining a sense of well-being. For those left behind, a new “normal” can be established. Through the recovery process, thoughts and emotions become more manageable and activities can become less of a strain.

Coping with Aging Parent/Grandparent Issues As baby-boomers across the U.S. are discovering, caring for aging parents or even grandparents is a common issue. Many have to make hard decisions regarding finances, residency, daily care, health care and end of life issues for elders who can no longer make such decisions for themselves. There is considerable stress in the changing roles. The role of parental caregiver can be accomplished respectfully and thoughtfully while being able to live one’s own life.

Parenting/Step-Parenting Parenting and/or step-parenting can be the most frustrating and rewarding roles one experiences. Parents are bombarded with advice from friends, teachers, doctors, publications, and their own parents. Kids are alternately adorable and horrible. One of the keystones to resolving parenting issues is respect for all: Respect for the parent and the parent’s roles as caregiver and provider and for the life lessons a parent has learned. In addition, it involves respect for the child as a human being with unique abilities, needs and wants. It can be confusing to decide the right thing to do when dealing with parenting issues, but it can be done in a way that is respectful to both the parent and the child.

I have personally experienced the pain as well as the rich lessons that come from working through each of these life situations. I believe that each of us has the strength and ability to deal with anything that is thrown our way. Sometimes we may not have been taught the skills to do so, but we can learn and practice them in our journey towards health and balance. I use a combination of therapy techniques when dealing with clients. These include techniques from cognitive-emotional, family systems, Gestalt and humanistic theories. I am honest, respectful and mindful of the vulnerability of clients who trust me with their life difficulties.

In addition to my personal life experience, I have a masters degree in counseling and I am a Nationally Certified Counselor. I am also a member of the American Counseling Association, the Oregon Counseling Association, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the American Association of Suicidology. I have worked in a preschool setting and as a coordinator in a Portland elementary school with a wonderful remedial reading program called SMART (Start Making a Reader Today). I have also volunteered for a total of 9 years as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) supporting children and their families in difficult circumstances.

I am not able to accept insurance at this time, but my fee scale is just $25 to $40 per session, based on need. Payment is due at each session.

Watch my video

4 E. Leah Downs, L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W., C.H.T.

Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers, #L4545; Academy of Certified Social Workers, NASW
New Mexico Counseling & Therapy Practice Board, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor, #3828
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Clinical Hypnotherapist, #120-150

Dream Catcher Counseling, Coaching & Hypnotherapy
Individual, Family & Group Therapy

Email: dreamcatcher.eld8@yahoo.com

Therapy is a dynamic process of personal growth, increasing self-awareness and mindfulness. I am here to compassionately facilitate your learning to live your life with purpose, emotional freedom, creativity, passion & joy! -- and to get in touch with the strength and beauty of your Inner Self. By examining your thinking and core beliefs about yourself, others & life, you can decrease emotional suffering and conflicts, shift your life experience positively & transform your life.

I use an eclectic psychodynamic, humanistic, transpersonal & holistic wellness approach, blending many treatment modalities as needed, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Expressive Arts & Life Coaching. I have over 35 years of professional experience in working with adults, adolescents, children and families in both outpatient and inpatient mental health/addictions settings and in schools, as well as many years in private practice. With a life-long interest in holistic health, comparative religions, meditation, international travel & indigenous cultures, I am LGBTQ-friendly & have worked with diverse cultures & lifestyles across the country, including Native American programs.

With a B.S. in Art Education & a Master of Social Work, I also have extensive training in substance abuse counseling & addictionology, including work with compulsive behaviors. Additional certifications include NLP & Gestalt (both to alter deeply held emotional & thought patterns), Bereavement, Transpersonal Psychology & Reiki Master, as well as training in Family Therapy, DBT for emotional balance, EMDR/ trauma work, Jungian Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy (Art/ Play/ Sand Tray/ Insight Journal Therapies). I am skilled in working with many issues, including:

Depression ~ Grief ~ Anger Management ~ Anxiety/ Panic Attacks ~ Substance Abuse/ Compulsive Behaviors
Bipolar & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ~ Trauma/ Sexual Abuse ~ Relationship/ Family/ School Difficulties

I am a skilled clinical hypnotherapist, and offer hypnotherapy for insomnia, pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, test/ performance anxiety, self-confidence and stress management

My fees are $85 per 50-minute sessions & I offer an affordable income-based sliding fee scale. Longer sessions & package discounts for Hypnotherapy are available. Initial 20-minute consultations are free or/ $25 for an initial full 50-minute session. I can provide any insurance documentation needed for your reimbursement if your plan accepts out-of-network licensed providers, following your full payment at the time of service. I may be accepting some insurance plans in the near future. I look forward to hearing from you.

Roxie Roxie Sprick, L.M.F.T

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Professional Counseling for Children, Couples, Families and Individuals

Email: Roxie.Sprick@gmail.com

Relationships are important; their healthiness dictates whether we can have enjoyable interactions and open communication.

As a family therapist I am here to provide a place to understand ourselves and those we care about in a comfortable environment. I have earned a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox University and have years of counseling experience under my belt.

In my therapeutic approach I utilize family systems theory, cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy. Broken down, this means that when helping you and your family, I take into account the environment, history and interactions with one another. I see children, couples families and individuals.

I have experience working with:

~ Couples Counseling
~ Family Counseling (conflict, blended families, divorce)
~ Pre-Marital Counseling from a Christian perspective
~ Foster care and adoption
~ Behavioral issues
~ Processing life transitions (new baby, empty nesters, etc.)
~ Developing healthy coping skills
~ Anxiety and depression

My fee is $40 per 50 minute session. Please contact me at Roxie.Sprick@gmail.com or call 503-756-5600 to schedule an appointment.

LaurieLaurie Pearson, L.C.S.W.

Compassionate Counseling for Adults

Email: LauriePearsonLCSW@gmail.com

As a therapist with more than ten years experience in the field of substance abuse and behavioral addictions, I've helped many, many people tackle these and other hard issues: anxiety, depression, grief, loss and trauma. When an individual is held hostage by chemical or behavioral addictions, so often they also begin to experience deteriorating health, conflicted relationships and the overwhelming emotions related to legal and financial problems.

I firmly believe that positive change is achievable through making personally informed choices. I am honored to support you in moving toward that goal. Having the support of a trained professional who can listen carefully, challenge existing assumptions, and offer new insights and approaches can make a huge difference.

I hold a Master's degree in Social Work from Smith College, and have counseled both individuals and groups over the decade of my professional experience.

I offer an initial free consultation -- This is not a counseling appointment, but an opportunity to meet one another and see if I'm the right counselor to meet your needs. If you're interested in talking more with me about your concerns, please call me at 404-862-6763, or email me and I'll get right back to you.

Beth Monlux, L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, License #C2320

Professional, Affordable Counseling for Individual Adults



I believe that as an individual, you have the strength and the skills needed to create change in your life. Through the development of a strong relationship, a foundation of trust is created in which to explore areas of concern.

I use an "eclectic" approach (a variety of techniques) with strong emphasis on child of origin issues. I offer both brief forms of therapy and longer term, more in-depth exploration. You are an active participant in you own recovery process and you alone decide the course of action you choose to take.

I provide a supportive environment, which includes compassion, active listening, and a sense of humor. The direction of your therapy will be determined by your desire for change. You are the expert on your own life and, as your therapist, it is my job is to guide you toward your own answers. I use self-disclosure as appropriate, sharing my personal experience through therapy.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon, a Nationally Certified Counselor and I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Since completing my graduate degree, I worked with youth and young adults in a day treatment setting and thereafter served adult clients for a number of years in community mental health, including two years in inpatient psychiatric treatment. Outpatient treatment included mainly anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health issues. My work in the inpatient psychiatric setting focused primarily, but was not limited to, serving clients with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. So if your symptoms (or those of a loved one) are quite severe, please do not hesitate to call me.

My standard fee is $40 per session, and I offer a sliding-fee scale for those in severe financial need. I am not able to accept insurance at this time. Payment is due at each session by check or cash. I offer a 30-minute no-cost consultation to determine suitability, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Becky Nice, L.P.C., A.T.R.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists

Talk and Art Therapy

Adults, Youth & Children
Email: becky.nice81@gmail.com

Are you, your child or teenager feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused by life's difficulties?
Are you or your family facing a transition that seems daunting and hard to tackle?

If so, then I believe I can help. If given support I believe people of all ages have the courage, ability and inner strength to make changes.

I provide a trusting environment, free from judgment and infused with compassion where an individual feels free enough to explore thoughts and feelings. Together, using both art therapy and verbal therapy we can collaboratively begin to unravel tangled issues until viable options emerge.

I offer support, guidance and an array of clinical skills to help clients make informed choices that will enhance their sense of well being and build meaning and satisfaction in their lives. Often I utilize art therapy as another avenue of communication. Art therapy can serve as a way of creatively tapping into peoples strengths and problem solving skills to help resolve issues. There are no specific art skills needed .... art therapy is simply another way to look at things differently.

I hold a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from Marylhurst University. I am a licensed professional counselor and a certified art therapist. Over the past 10 years I have experience in assessing and treating children, adolescents and adults with a variety of challenges that include ADHD, high functioning autism, bipolar, depression/ anxiety, obsession/compulsion, psychosis, trauma and grief and loss.

My specialties and interests include:

Depression and anxiety
Parent and child relationships
Trauma and abuse
Emotional regulation
Self esteem and self compassion enhancement
Communication skills
Aspergers and high functioning autism

I am committed to affordable therapy. I offer a free 30 minute consultation session to determine if I am the right person to meet your needs. My standard fee is $40 for a 50 minute session and I offer sliding scale options.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please contact me at 503-853-6997 or email me at becky.nice81@gmail.com
I look forward to meeting you.

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AmberAmber Cottrell, M.A., L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

Practical, Straightforward, Collaborative Counseling for

Adults, Adolescents, Couples & Families

Email: Amber_Cottrell@hotmail.com

Nearly everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences feelings of depression, anxiety, or simply feeling stuck.

Whether these feelings are the result of childhood experiences or current circumstances, meaningful change can come from counseling.

My approach is practical, straightforward, and collaborative, with the goal of expanding self-awareness and gaining insight into patterns that might be causing difficulty in your life and relationships. While emotional pain brings you into therapy, it is your strengths that are an integral part of the therapy process.

I received my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College, and have a bachelor of science degree in Psychology. I have worked in both clinical and private practice and enjoy working with clients from many different backgrounds. I currently provide counseling for adolescents, adults, couples, and families who are working through depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, childhood abuse, grief/bereavement, as well as relationship issues between couples and families.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to allow us to get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit. After that, my fee is $65 per 50-minute session. I accept payment at time of service. While I don't work with insurance companies directly, I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you can use for reimbursement from your insurance company. I also offer a sliding scale based on need.

Watch my video

Kathleen Kathleen Thompson, M.S., CRC, L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselor

Affordable, Professional Counseling for those learning to live, love and be yourself!

Email: Kathleen@wellbeingpdx.com

I believe within each person there exists a drive to grow and be inspired even in the face of great challenges or injury. In addition, experts who study the brain are discovering how deeply we all desire to be connected to others which directly impacts our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. If you have experienced rejection, disappointment, abandonment, trauma or neglect especially early in life you may have learned to survive, but not thrive. This may leave you experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, or intimacy difficulties (to name a few). You may also have attempted to cope by using drugs, alcohol, prescription pills, food, engaging in self harm or other addictive behaviors or relationships. My hope is to help you identify both your strengths as well the those issues that have become barriers to you feeling well and capable in your everyday life.

I graduated from Portland State University with a Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling specializing in chronic mental illness. I have also been trained in an addiction relapse prevention model which focuses on helping people understand their triggers and promotes ongoing recovery. My training and background equips me to work with a variety of issues including:

  • Depression / Anxiety / Bipolar Disorder / Hearing voices / Dual-Diagnosis
  • Learning disabilities & Aspergers Syndrome
  • Grief & Loss
  • Individuals or couples adjusting to illness or disability of a family member
  • Adjustment & loss related to illness, disability or chronic persistent symptoms of mental illness
  • Stress Management / Emotional Regulation
  • Self-Esteem / persistent negative thinking
  • Recovery Model practices recommended by SAMHSA
  • Workplace Concerns / Career transition / Job development

  • I believe in utilizing a variety of models to help you engage in the counseling process according to your comfort level and personal beliefs. This may include art, mindfulness, spirituality, DBT skills, journaling, imagery, collaging, and humor. I have a deep respect for each person's pursuit of spirituality especially as it relates to their mental health and practice a walk of faith in my own life.

    I do not charge for an initial consultation appointment. If an ongoing relationship is established I charge $100 for a 50 minute session. I do not bill insurance and we can discuss sliding scale options. Because I am connected to a network of counselors if a referral is needed I would be more than willing to help you find the right fit as you move forward in your healing process.


    Jessi Dey, M.S.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern

    Individual & Couples Counseling ~ LGBTQ

    Email: Jessi_Dey@yahoo.com

    When you're right in the middle of a hard decision... "Should I stay and commit to this relationship or should I get out now?"
    "Look for a new job or go back to school?"
    "Have a baby???"
    Those are among the moments that it can really, really help to reach out to a good therapist.

    And I'd be delighted to help you work through that hard spot.

    My style is warm, open, honest, straightforward, and unbiased. My practice is inclusive and I work with individuals and couples from every walk and way of life -- LGBTQ, straight, poly, monogamous, kink. With every client or couple, I bring an attitude of respect, curiosity and willingness to the process of therapy.

    I can help people approach problems in a shorter term, more solution focused way, or I can provide long term, more depth-oriented support for more entrenched or complicated issues. I also am experienced in providing long-term support, on a weekly or biweekly basis for people with ongoing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder who have incorporated regular counseling appointments into their self care regimen. If therapy is expected to be long term, I am happy to offer a reduced fee to make it as affordable as possible for you.

    I make available a no-cost 20-30 minute phone or in person consult for new clients who are "therapist shopping," and if it's not a good fit, or if you're looking for a family counselor I have a wonderful network of referral sources that I would be happy to provide to you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Ronald Johnson, LPC, M.F.A., C.A.D.C., E.R.Y.T.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists
    Certified Oregon Addictions Counselor, #12-03-24
    Member, International Association of Yoga Therapists

    Mindfulness & Holistic Counseling Services ~ Addictions

    Fees: $60 per session

    I offer mindfulness-based and holistic services to those affected by addictive behaviors. An addictive behavior is currently defined as any type of repetitive, unhealthy and unwanted activity that is perceived as difficult to control.

    Within the context of mindfulness-based approaches, these types of behaviors are seen as being driven by unconscious pressures that can be brought into awareness and resolved. These activities are filling a void in one's life that can be replaced by a sense of wholeness, completeness, autonomy, and authenticity.

    Clients engage in several traditional counseling approaches to reconnect with a deeper sense of self, including talk therapy designed to create an awareness of meaning in one's life, acceptance of one's life in the present moment as well as expression of future directions, clarity, openness, love and a positive outlook. Additional techniques include breath work, mindfulness meditation on the breath and inner emotions, and mental scanning and awakening of the energy field of the inner body. Clients may practice visualization of triggers and situations that are known to stimulate the urge to indulge in undesirable behaviors and learn means to allow these feelings to pass in the moments they occur. Gradually, less constrictive thought processes replace these conditioned reactions and released energies are poured into new areas of growth.

    Clients may receive support for physical regimens at local gyms or yoga studios, as well as combined reassessment of educational goals, occupational and relational potentials as desired, to provide for holistic, long term, ongoing health, directed to life as a fully-functioning being in the present moment.

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    Susan Pinkley, L.P.C., N.C.C., C.C.T.P.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

    Professional, Affordable Counseling for Children, Adolescents & Adults
    Individuals & Family Therapy

    Email: MountainPeakCounseling@gmail.com

    Fees: $90 per session

    Sometimes life's challenges can be overwhelming, and you may seek professional counseling to regain your life balance, energy, and happiness. Everyone's situation is unique so together we will design the best plan to meet your needs and to find healthy solutions to life's challenges.

    I believe each person has the potential to lead a joyful and meaningful life. In a safe and supportive environment, I facilitate clients exploration to promote wellness, personal growth, and positive life changes. I work together with the client to develop strengths, reach goals, and foster emotional healing. I help individuals and families cope more effectively and gain new perspectives on issues.

    I earned my Master's Degree in Counseling from Virginia Tech. In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am a National Certified Counselor and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. My experience and training have been in community mental health agencies with adults and in school counseling with children and teens of all ages.

    My style is warm and caring and down to earth. I integrate a combination of counseling approaches to best meet the client's needs and to facilitate the client's therapy wishes, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, Person-Centered, and Play Therapy for Children. I also utilize mindfulness meditation, relaxation exercises, and visualization.

    I offer therapeutic services for issues addressing life's challenges and transitions, including depression, anxiety, divorce/separation, stress management, trauma, PTSD, ADHD, eating awareness, and grief and loss.

    In my work with adolescents, I address teen issues including academic concerns, peer relationships, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-identity, self-esteem, and coping skills.

    My standard fee is $90 per 50 minute session and I provide sliding scale options for those dealing with financial stress. I accept cash, check, or credit cards. I am not affiliated with any specific insurance panels, but I'm glad to provide you with documentation in support of your seeking reimbursement for my services as an "out-of-network" provider from your insurance plan.

    I look forward to supporting you on your journey to live a more authentic and fulfilled life, aligned with your highest potential.

    JoelJoel Cox, L.C.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

    Therapy for Adults and Adolescents
    Afternoon & Evening Appointments Available

    Fees: $40 per session ~ Sliding scale options

    Email: JoelJCox@hotmail.com

    The ever increasing challenges and stressors of our modern world can take a tremendous toll on our minds, bodies and spirits. I have spent many challenging and rewarding years helping individuals and families who are experiencing emotional, physical and social challenges. I enjoy the process of helping people find the strength and resources to better navigate life's obstacles. I utilize a variety of methodologies to tailor an individualized approach working with each person's strengths and preferences.

    I work with adults and youth/adolescents, and specialize in these areas:

    Depression ~ Life Changes ~ Problems with Relationships ~ Grief & Loss
    Occupational, School & Social Problems ~ Stress ~ Sexual Problems ~ Abuse

    The process of healing involves integration of the mind, body and spirit. I believe that everyone has a unique set of skills which can be accessed through the therapeutic process. I have found that much can be understood through a person's dreams, beliefs, creative expression and personal narrative. I am open and supportive of all individual lifestyles and choices.

    We live in very challenging times which can be overwhelming and we all deserve the chance to be able to talk to someone who can help. In order to keep therapy affordable for all, I offer my sessions at just $40. Sliding scale fees can be arranged based on need. In order to keep costs down I currently do not accept insurance. Payment of cash or check is collected at the end of each 50 minute session. Afternoon and evening hours are available. Call or email to schedule an appointment. If after the initial 25 minute consultation either party decides that it is not a good fit, no fee will be charged.

    RochelleRochelle Schwartz, L.P.C.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

    Professional, Affordable Counseling & Therapy

    Email: RochelleSchwartzCounseling@gmail.com

    Telephone: 503-410-3048

    Relationships of all kinds propel us on the course of our lives, and can sometimes cause us to question our actions, values, and worth, thus weakening trust and connection within ourselves. I'd like to help you wade through the layers of the onion that is you, to re-discover your true self, the one that you want to be so that you may live a fulfilling life.

    To do so, we talk about your goals. I then use a combination of therapeutic techniques tailored to your personality and circumstances, as well as empathy, open and honest communication, and sometimes humor.

    I work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families of all kinds experiencing a wide range of emotions (or lack thereof) and events.

    I received both a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pacific University. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults in community mental health settings, residential settings, shelters, homes, and schools. My fee for a 50 minute session is $100, I offer a sliding scale for those experiencing financial difficulty. I do not accept insurance. I reserve one slot for an adolescent (ages 13-19) financing their own therapy at $20. I offer a free 30-minute phone or in-person consultation.

    For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please e-mail RochelleSchwartzCounseling@gmail.com or call 503-410-3048.

    BarbaraBarbara Breck, Ph.D.

    Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners

    Adult Psychotherapy & Women's Issues

    Telephone: 503-295-5700

    Evening Appointments Available ~ Accessible Location

    I am a licensed psychologist who has been practicing as a psychotherapist for more than 30 years. I work with adults of all ages and specialize in working with people who are in a life transition or who feel stuck and are seeking a change in their circumstances. For much of my career, I have worked with adults who have been traumatized by domestic violence, childhood abuse or being in a dysfunctional family. As a result of my work with both trauma and life transitions, I have experience with grief and loss as well as with individuals who are depressed or anxious.

    I look forward to working with you to achieve a sense of greater accomplishment, control and peace in your life. I am familiar with, and use, a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on the needs of the person and his or her unique circumstances. These modalities include (but are not limited to) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Supportive Counseling, and Psycho Dynamic Therapy (where one's history helps one understand present behavior and emotional reactions). Sessions are usually 45 minutes long. At our first meeting, some initial paperwork and an information-gathering interview will help us decide on a way to proceed. We will work together to identify your goals and aspirations and the steps to achieve them as well as in developing your strengths and the skills to address the challenges in your life.

    shellyShawna (Shelly) Oliver, L.C.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers, #L5908

    Individual & Couples Therapy ~ Depression, Anxiety, Grief & Loss

    Telephone: 503-953-4937
    Email: ShellyOliverMSW@outlook.com

    There are times when life feels overwhelming and causes us to feel stressed, anxious and depressed. This can lead to a feelings of hopelessness and despair. The answers to how to move through and resolve these feelings are often held within ourselves, and with support and guidance we can overcome these feelings and thrive.

    In order to facilitate positive results I utilize a variety of approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Solution Focused and Mindfulness (to name a few). These techniques will be used to develop long-term strategies that can help meet goals and bring about the desired changes. While the techniques can be very effective, counseling is a collaborative process for best results to be achieved.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been working in the human services field for the last 25 years. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with individuals and families who have experienced a variety of life crises including sexual abuse, domestic violence, victimization due to crime, and couples grappling with communication and parenting issues. Providing support and guidance to overcome depression, anxiety, strengthen boundaries, and increase self-esteem have been a significant part of my practice over my career.

    My standard fee is $80 but I offer the initial 50 minute session at $40. The initial session is often used to get to know one another and filling out necessary paperwork. Payment at time of session can be made in cash, check or credit card. I do not accept insurance at this time. Please feel free to call me at 503-953-4937 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

    niaz Niaz Larsen, L.P.C., CADC1

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists

    Mental Health & Addictions Therapist
    Individual & Group Psychotherapy ~ Fees: $40 per session

    Telephone: 503-597-8250
    Email: NiazLarsen@gmail.com

    I practice counseling from a biopsychosocial approach, taking every facet of my client's life into consideration, in order to provide the best care. I value integrative, evidenced based, holistic models of health and wellness that address mental health and addictions while integrating other facets such as nutrition, fitness, spirituality, mindfulness, ecology and physical health. Counseling sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

    My Areas of Specialization & Interest include:

    Addiction ~ Trauma & Abuse ~ Depression & Anxiety ~ Stress Management

    Relationships ~ Emotion Regulation ~ Pain Management ~ Life Transitions & Adjustments

    I also have substantial experience working with Veterans and Healthcare Professionals in therapy.

    I pursued training as a Mental Health and Addictions Therapist at Lewis & Clark College where I received a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology & Addiction Studies. I am board certified by the Oregon State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, The National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc., and The Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon.

    Please call 503-597-8250, or send an email to NiazLarsen@gmail.com to schedule your appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

    MollyMary J. "Molly" Vaux, M.A., L.P.C.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, #C3676

    Skilled Counseling for Adults & Groups
    Email: mollyvaux.counseling@gmail.com
    Phone: 971-371-8555

    Each of us has a particular set of strengths we can bring to the challenges we encounter in our lives. I will work collaboratively with you to help you identify and more directly access your strengths, apply them in new ways, and learn new skills through practice as you move closer to your goals. Together we can also explore underlying issues to help you develop greater clarity, a stronger sense of self, and an ongoing belief in possibility.

    I believe that therapy is most productive when the approach is carefully shaped to match a client's individual qualities and needs, and so I draw upon a variety of methods in treatment, including cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic techniques. Through a blend of these modalities, clients explore how their thinking is influencing their behavior and they also examine connections between their past and their present and use those insights to move forward in their lives.

    As a practitioner, I have worked in community mental health agencies where I have successfully treated adult clients of diverse ages, backgrounds, and orientations seeking help for anxiety, depression, trauma history, and difficult early attachment experience, as well as substance dependence, anger management issues, and bereavement. I have a master's degree in counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and worked extensively with both individuals and groups in Santa Fe before moving to Portland, OR, where I am in private practice.

    My postgraduate training has included further study in professional ethics, cognitive behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing for substance-dependent clients, trauma treatment for clients with combined mental health and substance-dependence issues, and clinical applications of attachment theory. I also hold a master's degree in creative writing and a doctorate in English from the City University of New York and have taught writing and literature for many years.

    I work with a sliding fee scale ranging from $100 to $45 per session, with a small number of openings below that level, based upon need. Sessions are 50 minutes long. Please feel free to contact me by phone with any questions you have or if you would like to arrange an introductory session.

    sam Sam Wilson, L.C.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Social Workers

    Professional Counseling & Therapy for
    Adults, Teens & Couples
    LGBTQI Affirming

    No-Cost Initial Consultation

    Email: CounselPortland@gmail.com

    Do you feel trapped by circumstances beyond your control? Are you unable to escape negative thoughts? Have you forgotten why you made the decisions that led you to this moment? Talk therapy can offer a way forward. Therapy can be a safe space to catch your breath, to talk out ideas that feel strange or risky, and to devise a new strategy for reconnecting with your best self.

    My approach to therapy is always client centered and solution-focused. I employ narrative, cognitive, behavioral, and strengths-based approaches to helping you identify paths to achieving emotional wellness and satisfying relationships. I strive to create a space that is collaborative and non-judgmental for every client. I favor self-reflective interventions because I believe that most of the positive change that occurs through counseling comes from self-learning. However I am happy to provide plenty of feedback and guidance upon request.

    I have worked as a therapist and counselor for over 8 years in diverse roles ranging from career coach to crisis treatment in homeless and domestic violence shelters. My experience includes multiple clinical mental health settings, and I am comfortable consulting on your behalf with other care providers such as psychiatrists or naturopaths. I want to help you get the most informed and wholistic care possible. My work is informed by existential philosophy and the Taoist worldview.

    I welcome adults, teenagers, and couples to my practice. My work with individuals often focuses on the following issues:

    -Workplace stress
    -Addiction and Dual Diagnosis
    -Gaming, electronic, and other behavioral addictions
    -LGBTA adjustment issues
    -Bipolar Disorder
    -Depression (including Treatment Resistant Depression)
    -Coping with a loved one's mental illness

    My standard fee is $65 per hour but substantial sliding scale options are available if you are unable to afford this rate. I am currently available for 50 minute sessions in the afternoon and evenings. I offer free 15 minute consultations for first time clients to discuss your goals and explore whether I would be a good fit for your needs. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a consultation, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

    moiraMoira Ryan, M.A., L.P.C.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists

    Compassionate Counseling for Adults

    Telephone: 503-468-6998
    Email: counseling@moiraryan.com
    Website: www.moiraryan.com

    You're likely here because your life isn't quite where you'd like it to be. You're struggling with relationships, or finding yourself reliving old patterns that are causing you pain. You're sick of feeling so isolated, depressed, disconnected, and frustrated when everyone else on Facebook seems so much happier and more successful. Maybe you've been trying to solve these problems on your own for a long time, yet still feeling stuck in the same old rut.

    There are times in life when we need someone to really hear what's going on, without bias or judgment. My focus is around helping you with examining your process toward making the changes you want for your life.

    I hold a BA in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master's Degree is Counseling Psychology & Addiction Studies from Lewis & Clark College. I'm passionate about helping adults across the lifespan and in and around the gender binary with increasing confidence and joy. My areas of focus include decreasing anxiety and isolation, exploring transitions, and shifting unfulfilling relationship dynamics. I look forward to hearing your story.

    Please call me at 503-468-6998 or email: counseling@moiraryan.com to schedule an appointment or just to talk with me further about your needs.

    NeginNegin Naraghi, M.A.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern #R3732

    Professional Counseling for Adults, Adolescents and Couples

    Telephone: 858-344-8581

    Email: naraghicounseling@gmail.com

    My approach is collaborative, compassionate and honest. I honor each person's story and worldview and am committed to providing safe spaces for people of all communities and backgrounds.

    To ensure you receive the care that is right for you, I draw on an array of evidence based counseling approaches, with a particular focus on person-centered, existential and mindfulness therapy.

    I believe that we are each the experts of our own lives and that we have innate wisdom that can lead us to healing and change. However, life can be complex and painful and at times the challenges we face can feel overwhelming and prevent us from living the life we desire. Regardless of how these issues show up in our lives, it is our innate wisdom that propels us to seek support. As your counselor, I see myself as your ally in helping you get to where you want to be. I am committed to helping you connect with your own truth, find greater meaning in your life and deepen the connection you have with yourself and with others.

    I am passionate about empowering and engaging young people and working together with their families or caregivers to establish strong bonds of connection. Additionally, I understand the unique set of challenges entailed in relocation, displacement, migration and major life transitions and appreciate the role that each person's values, beliefs and backgrounds have on their approach to healing.

    I have an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia with additional in-depth training in group facilitation, youth work, intercultural education and couple's therapy. I have worked with children, adults and groups on issues of anxiety, stress, trauma, abuse, depression, loss, career planning and major life transitions. I have over 10 years of experience working with adolescents as a youth worker in high schools and community agencies, and over 8 years of experience working with immigrant and refugee communities.

    I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and determine if I am the right counselor for you. My standard fee is $40 per hour, with a sliding scale fee option depending on your financial situation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together!

    fayannaFayanna Johnson, M.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Social Workers, C.S.W.A.

    Professional, Culturally Sensitive Therapy
    Adults, Families, Couples, Youth and Children
    Fees: $40 per session

    Telephone: 503-451-0692
    Email: fayanna.johnson@gmail.com
    Website: //fayannajohnson.wix.com/therapy

    Seeking therapy and counseling can carry a negative stigma in some families and communities, and reaching out to find a counselor can seem uncomfortable and unfamiliar. If that's true for you, I invite you to give me a call so we can process through some of these thoughts even before our first session.

    I am a culturally sensitive provider of affordable counseling and therapy services for adults, couples, youth and children. I have a down to earth approach, and draw from the approaches of Person-Centered Theory, Narrative Therapy, Family Systems Theory, and Ecological Systems perspective.

    A "good fit" is important in a relationship between counselor and client, so I offer initial brief no-cost consultations either by phone or in person. My standard fee is just $40 per session, and I can offer a modest discount to those suffering extreme financial hardship.

    I celebrate you for taking a first step in life change. It is my goal that you will feel welcome and safe to share. This will help you get the most out of our time together. I am excited to meet you, hopeful about the work we will do together and I look forward to your call!

    mollyhMolly Heriza, M.S., N.C.C.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern (in process)

    Professional, Affordable Counseling
    Adults and Couples

    Telephone: 503-490-4040
    Email: Herizacounseling@gmail.com

    “I am breathing in. I am breathing out.” Thich Nhat Hahn

    I believe we are all striving to live a connected and fulfilled life, but sometimes it can be challenging to figure out how to best achieve this. Therapy can provide an opportunity to illuminate those aspects of your life that may be inhibiting your overall well-being, giving you a chance to gain new insights so you can move forward with more intention.

    Feelings such as frustration, sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger, shame, and marginalization often stem from unmet core needs. Drawing from a number of theoretical approaches such as mindfulness-based therapy, Non- Violent Communication, and Internal Family Systems we will work to uncover your unmet needs by looking at those areas of your life in which you are not feeling fulfilled. We will then identify how to most successfully meet these needs by exploring what has or has not worked in the past, ultimately helping you feel more connected to yourself, others, and life in general.

    For couples trying to regain or strengthen intimacy in their relationships, the above modalities can also be helpful. The more skilled you become at recognizing your needs and identifying healthy ways to meet them, the sooner you can approach your partner from an honest, non-defensive manner, ask for what you need, and begin to feel more validated, understood, and connected.

    I offer a supportive, non-judgmental environment for all individuals and lifestyles. I offer LBGTQ affirmative therapy.

    I have a Masters in Counseling from Portland State University with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and am currently working towards licensure.

    My fee is $40.00 for each 50-minute session, with a sliding scale available for those individuals currently experiencing extreme financial hardship. I do not accept insurance at this time. Payment is due in the form of cash or check.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    kristenKristen Brooke Beck, M.S.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Counselors & Therapists, LPC Intern #4038

    Professional, Affordable Counseling
    for Adolescents (age 14+) and Adults ~ Fees: $40 per session


    Gresham Counseling & Therapy, LLC
    Email: greshamcounseling@medsecuremail.com
    Website: GreshamCounseling.com

    Every provider is different, so it is important to find one that matches your needs. I bring compassion, positivity, humor, friendliness, authenticity, and respect into every session. I strive to help you understand how your body, mind, and relationships affect how you feel, what you think, and how you behave, so you can mindfully make choices that align with your values. This is often referred to as a biopsychosocial or holistic mind-body approach. I also customize counseling to meet the unique needs of each client, so you can learn new skills and knowledge in ways that work best for you while taking steps toward your values and goals.

    I primarily work with adolescents and adults who need help with anxiety, worry, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, depression, overwhelm, low self-worth, and healing from the stress of growing up in a "dysfunctional" family. In addition, I assist clients with the challenges of discovering their self-identities and values while building healthy relationships.

    I'm also passionate about helping parents facing the challenges of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood and have been involved with supporting moms and dads in the postpartum mental health community since 2004.

    My standard fee is $40 for a 50-minute session, and a sliding-scale fee is available. I am happy to talk with you via phone prior to scheduling the first session to help you determine if my services will benefit you.

    Janis Janis Crawford, L.P.C., A.C.S.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselor & Approved Clinical Supervisor

    Skilled, Professional Psychotherapy for
    Adults, Youth, Families & Couples

    Telephone: 307-321-3212

    The power of healing and growth is revealed through acceptance and integration. Perceived problems often conceal opportunities and strengths to which you hold the key. I am a willing and able guide for your journey of discovery. Whether you seek lifestyle change, analysis, or personal, or professional growth, our relationship will support goal identification and attainment.

    I am currently accepting adults, youth, families and couples, as well as students and professionals for clinical supervision.

    I have been providing clinical supervision for 14 years and have spent nearly 20 years working with patients who encounter addiction, criminality, and mood and personality disorders. My approach to supervision uses a motivational psychodynamic style, which evokes your strengths and learning edges. I provide individual, and group supervision with a reduced fee for beginning counselors. I have been a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers since 2007 and provide coaching and formal trainings. I have completed doctoral coursework in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Psychotherapy. I am currently writing my dissertation on the theoretical underpinnings and future projections of motivational interviewing, which I have been studying for the past 10 years.

    LesleyLesley Burke, L.P.C., A.T.R., CADC1

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists
    Registered Art Therapist / Certified Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor

    Professional, Affordable Therapy for Teens & Adults
    Anxiety, Trauma, Addictions

    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) // Art Therapy

    Fees: $40 per session

    Telephone: 503-459-1675 // Email: lesleyburkelpc@gmail.com

    Lesley Burke is a Licensed Professional Counselor, (LPC) Registered Art Therapist (ATR) and EMDR practitioner serving adults, young adults and youth. With a Master of Arts degree in counseling and Art Therapy from Marylhurst University, she has worked in women's residential and outpatient treatment, as well as in private practice.

    Lesley brings unique approaches to her work with clients, utilizing both art therapy (for when talking about the problem isn't enough!) -- and EMDR, a profoundly effective approach to helping clients work through past trauma.

    Trauma, anxiety, and addictions are the primary focus of Lesley's work, but she has substantial experience supporting clients coping with symptoms of depression, abuse and PTSD. She offers low fees (including discounts for those facing severe financial hardship) and offers appointments on Monday and Thursday evenings at her practice location, 4179 SE Division in Portland.

    Email lesleyburkelpc@gmail.com or call Lesley at 503-459-1675 to schedule a consultation.

    daneDane Nielsen, M.A. 先生

    Exempt from licensure due to specialized practice: Wellness Counseling

    Wellness Counseling for Adults, Couples,
    Families, Teens & Children

    Fees: $40 per session

    Telephone: 503.765.6209
    Email: Dane@centeredgrowth.com
    Website: www.CenteredGrowth.com

    I offer a unique approach to counseling that brings years of knowledge in Eastern arts, together with Western counseling, to offer clients a way to feel centered and become truly happy. Unlike traditional counseling that you may receive from a licensed therapist, my approach does not rely on diagnosing or providing "treatment." I work with individuals, couples, and families to reach current goals and help guide them on a path to happiness. I strive to offer a safe and open environment for all, with a holistic approach to finding a healthy balance between the mind and body. My goal for every client is to be able to succeed and be truly happy in their day to day life.

    I earned my Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Saint Martin's University in Lacey, Washington. I have also received the title of Sensei 先生(teacher) from two different martial arts styles. Over the past 20 years I have enjoyed working with children and families in a martial arts and various community settings, and now strive to continue this work as a counselor in my private practice. I have found that the unique approach, and the title of Sensei, life coach, or mentor helps clients, especially children and teenagers, feel more comfortable.

    My fee is $40 per 45/50 minute session and I am able to offer a sliding scale if fees are a hardship. Please do not let cost be a barrier. I provide a free brief consultation, to see if I would be the right fit for your counseling needs. Appointments can be requested by phone or via my personal website.

    I invite you to view my website at www.CenteredGrowth.com, where you can learn more about me and my practices. As well as my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CenteredGrowth, where I post helpful links and thoughts for both my counseling practice and my martial arts practice. Please feel free to contact me, as I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    jenbesstJennifer Besst, L.M.F.T.


    Counseling for Adults, Adolescents & Children
    Anxiety, Stress, Life Transitions, Self-Esteem, and Relationship Struggles

    Telephone: 503-451-3238
    Email: jennbesst@gmail.com

    Are you feeling lost after a break-up or helpless because the same negative patterns keep repeating in your relationships?
    Confused about your education or career path?

    When the pressures of life build up we are often left feeling stressed, frustrated, and even empty. My counseling style is down-to-earth yet solution-focused and aimed at helping you discover the clear insight you need when life becomes too overwhelming. I enjoy using art therapy with a focus on mindfulness, but more importantly I value working collaboratively with you in order to tailor services to your individual needs.

    Parents, are you considering counseling for your preteen or teen but worried they won't respond to traditional talk therapy? Does your teen often say things like "I don't know" or "You wouldn't understand" when you try to ask them questions? Many teens are more comfortable opening up when they can communicate in their own language which often involves less talking and more doing. I specialize in understanding how teens communicate by offering a unique approach to counseling using art, music, writing, photo-journaling and other creative tools all within the context of professional and confidential therapy services.

    I have a Master's degree in Psychology with emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy, Art Therapy, and School Counseling. I have over ten years of experience working with children and teens in school-based and outpatient settings. I have also worked with young adults and adults struggling with substance abuse and severe mental illness.

    My fee is $80 per fifty minute session. I do not accept insurance directly but can provide you with a receipt for services that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I also offer a sliding scale based on need. I am happy to answer any questions you have and offer a free initial phone consultation. Please call me at 503-451-3238 ~ I look forward to talking with you!

    GailGail Brick, L.C.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Social Workers

    Affordable Counseling & Psychotherapy
    for Adults and Adolescents
    Co-Parenting Issues / Custody Concerns

    Fees: $40/session

    Email: gailbrick01@gmail.com
    Phone: 503-616-0287

    After years of experience working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families, often facing significant personal challenges, I have developed a deep respect for the resiliency of the human spirit and the ongoing process of growth and change. My approach is eclectic drawing from a variety of therapeutic perspectives and tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and situation. I work with clients to summarize problems into areas that provide clear targets for change. Typically these change areas revolve around problem-solving, negotiating relationships, identifying and modifying extreme or discouraging thoughts, and overcoming unhelpful behaviors.

    Therapy is an important relational process and research has shown that the relationship between client and counselor is the foundation of progress and growth in therapy. In searching for a mental health professional finding the "right fit" is key to a successful outcome. I offer a free brief consultation, on the phone or in person, to address concerns and ensure that we can work together effectively.

    I began my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York, treating adolescents, adults and elders in clinics located in the Bronx, Long Island and Westchester County. I have been in private practice since 1992. I earned my social work degree from Columbia University and later earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford. Prior to moving to Portland, I served as the Assistant Director of Behavioral Health for New York State Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth where I oversaw the provision of all residential and community based programs for the Office of Children and Family Services.

    While I've had substantial experience working with a variety of presenting problems such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, health concerns, sexually acting out youth, and issues of grief and loss, I have particular expertise in child and family divorce adjustment and collaborative divorce consultation. I have worked extensively in the family court system providing custody evaluations and coordinating co-parenting sessions to help parents find the balance they need to co-parent effectively. I have testified as an expert witness in family court custody and visitation proceedings and helped clients to negotiate the larger external systems, such as legal and judicial systems, which most families have little experience with. I am a strong advocate for those in need of affordable counseling services. My fee per session is $40. I would be happy to discuss my fee structure by phone or at the first consultation. I do not accept insurance at this time but accept cash or check at the time of each session.

    I look forward to meeting you!

    dan gDaniel Gilbride, M.A./MRC, L.P.C.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists

    Psychotherapy & Counseling for Adults & Youth ~ LGBTQ Affirming
    Se Habla Español

    Email: gilbrideconsult@gmail.com

    This therapist trained as a Kennedy/Shriver Scholar at Assumption College where he earned a master's degree in Individual and Social Rehabilitation. Licensed and insured since 1996, he continued both study and practice in areas including neurobiological disorders (developmental, acquired), forensics, major mental illness and treatment as well as more situational or individual counseling/therapy.

    Treatment is collaboration with the individual. Generally, he employs techniques of cognitive restructuring, cognitive behavioral therapies, mindfulness, anxiety reduction techniques and some elements of both REBT and Rogerian therapy to help others to find their way to self-acceptance, community belonging, a sense of being valued and valuable both and minimizing he impact of any mental health concern that has become an obstacle.

    Dan has been in the field for over thirty years. His work has included therapy with individuals from the GBLT community, Long-Term Survivors, Trauma Survivors, people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and Symptom Awareness and management. His awards and accolades for his work and publications are numerous.

    Please visit his website at www.gilbrideconsult.com for more information. Contact him for an initial visit at the email address above or by calling 503-367-3630. Bi-Lingual ~ English & Spanish

    mindyMindy Feather, L.P.C., R.P.T.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists; Registered Play Therapist

    Counseling & Play Therapy for Children, Teens & Families

    Telephone: 503-782-4061
    Email: mfeatherlpc@gmail.com
    Mailing address: PO Box 13766, Portland, OR 97213

    My goal is to give kids and adolescents a safe place to explore their thoughts and feelings and then empower their caregivers with information and insight into their child's experience. I can also provide supportive techniques for caregivers in filial therapy and attachment methods which include playful activities that help you enjoy parenting again.

    I am a registered play therapist specializing in work with children (3-18) and their families. I use age appropriate methods, such as play, art, writing, yoga, and sandtray techniques to support children in their process of growth.

    I am passionate about treating children with anxiety and trauma concerns. My decade of experience has been focused on working with children who have been through the trauma of grief, divorce, neglect, or sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. I combine playful, expressive techniques with practical CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and coping tools.

    I am able to accept these insurance plans: Aetna / BlueCross and BlueShield / Cigna / FamilyCare / Moda Health / Optum / PacificSource / Providence / Regence / United Heathcare. I look forward to hearing from you!

    kimberleeKimberlee Harrison, M.S., NCC, GC-C

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, Registered Intern

    Professional, Affordable Therapy for Adults
    LGBTQ Welcoming
    Fees: $60 per session with sliding fee options

    (971) 712-6847
    Email: kharrison13@hotmail.com

    "It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried." ~ Carl Rogers

    I firmly believe that every person has the potential to be the best version of him-or-herself that he or she can possibly be, and that people are the experts of their own lives. I employ a down to earth person-centered approach to counseling, interspersed with doses of humor when appropriate. I take on the role of facilitator to help you become empowered to make the changes you want for your life.

    I use techniques from several different kinds of psychotherapy - Schema Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT), Gestalt, Solution- Focused Brief Therapy - to help you explore and work on your problems, depending on your current needs and goals. I am comfortable working with a variety of people, including those whose culture is different than my own, and people who may be experiencing significant mental health issues.

    I hold a Master of Science (MS) degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University (a CACREP-accredited institution). I also hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Anthropology, with a minor in Psychology, from Oregon State University. I am a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Certified Grief Counselor (GC-C).

    Areas of focus:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief/Loss/Bereavement
  • LGBQTI issues/support
  • PTSD
  • Trauma
  • Adolescent/Young adult issues
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-esteem
  • Life transitions

  • My fee is $60 for a 50-minute session, but I do have a sliding fee scale for those who may be experiencing significant financial hardship. I do not accept insurance, but will provide you with a receipt for services. Payment is due at the beginning of session so we can make the best use of the rest of our time together.

    Having a comfortable therapeutic relationship is important, so I offer a free 30-minute consultation to make sure I’m the right 'fit' for you. If we decide I am not the right therapist for you, I am happy to provide a referral to one of my very capable colleagues at Wise Counsel and Comfort.

    gillianGillian Scott, L.C.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Social Workers

    Psychotherapy & Counseling for Adults, Elders, Families & Children
    Many Insurance Plans Accepted
    Email: Gillian77Scott@gmail.com

    Gillian Scott, L.C.S.W., has been in the Social Work field for 20 years working in a variety of settings, from hospitals (both medical and psychiatric units); home health; hospice to public schools and outpatient clinics. She enjoys working with children, families, and adults of all ages.

    Gillian approaches her clients with gentleness and acceptance, working collaboratively to assist them in reaching their personal therapy goals. Her curiosity, compassion, humor, problem solving skills, and respectful questioning help client resolve issues and find deeper understanding and acceptance.

    Gillian's specialties include:

  • Stress reduction, anxiety and depression
  • ADHD, sensory issues and learning disabilities
  • Challenging life transitions
  • Living with a chronic medical condition and seeking wellness
  • Women's issues (codependency, sexual difficulties, divorce, single parenting)
  • Family relationships
  • Grief & loss
  • Aging

  • Gillian's therapeutic methods include:

  • Self Compassion Mindfulness
  • Compassionate Communication (Non Violent Communication)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Movement and nature

  • Insurance Accepted: MODA, Regence BCBS, Providence, Tricare, Optum, Medicare, Pacific Source, HealthNet

    bob Robert W. Garber, L.C.S.W.

    Oregon Board of Clinical Social Workers, #4100

    ClearSky Counseling, LLC
    14511 Westlake Drive, #102
    Lake Oswego, OR

    Phone: 503-451-4770
    Email: Bob@ClearSkyCounseling@gmail.com
    Web: ClearSkyCounseling.com

    My goal as a counselor is to compassionately help you develop insight, courage, and the ability to trust in yourself to live a joyful, meaningful life.

    My Background I have a Master of Social Work degree from Portland State University, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oregon. I've worked for many years in inpatient facilities doing individual and group therapy, and in a mental health center doing individual and couples therapy. My professional experiences were always transforming. They helped broaden and deepen my abilities as a counselor, which I offer to you.

    In my counseling practice with individuals and couples, I often use mindfulness-based approaches. These include: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I've found that mindfulness is extremely effective in helping people cultivate resilience and a deeper awareness of themselves and the world around them. I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other counseling approaches. I will always work with you in the way that serves you best.

    If you've tried to alleviate your emotional distress, you might have found or even inadvertently created barriers you weren't able to move past. These barriers could be caused by:

  • Family-of-origin issues
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Recent or past trauma
  • Relationship conflicts (marriage, separation, divorce, etc.)
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief or loss

    I've worked for many years helping clients with these issues, as well as their associated anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation or emptiness. My focus as a therapist is to help you resolve any barriers that may be preventing you from living a happy and healthy life.

    Cultural Sensitivity I work respectfully with people from all cultures, races, sexual orientations, and religions. No matter the issue, my clients know that they are heard and accepted without judgment.

    Confidentiality I adhere to all HIPAA and State of Oregon confidentiality rules and guidelines.

    Counseling Fees: Individual 50-minute session: $125, and for Couples, $135 per 50-minute session.
    Group therapy (5-8 people) 90-minute session: $45 per person
    Cash, check, or credit card are accepted for payment at the time of service.

    Although I am an out-of- network provider, my counseling services can be billed to most health insurance companies.

    To learn more about what to expect from therapy, and how I work with my clients, please visit my website. It may help you determine if my therapy style will work for you. To schedule an initial appointment or a free 15-minute phone consultation, please call or email.

    It's important to choose a therapist who is right for you.


    Lindsay Bong, M.A.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern

    Providing Individual & Family Counseling

    Email: LindsayBong@gmail.com
    Website: www.LindsayBongCounseling.com

    We all go through challenging circumstances in life and often times we need assistance to walk through those challenges in a way that honors who we are. Counseling is a powerful tool to work towards healing from past wounds, recovering from the bad habits we've picked up along the way, and learning how to adjust negative relationship patterns that we've fallen into.

    In my practice I offer my clients space to unpack the hurtful and confusing parts of their life and work together with them to restore the broken pieces. I believe that the counselor and client relationship is a powerful one that can reveal new paths within ourselves and our relationships.

    My specialties include working with individuals as well as families struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life adjustment issues, and distress from current and past relationships.

    My fees are $40 per 50 minute session and I am happy to offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we would be a good fit for working together.

    KeithKeith Mackie, L.P.C., CADC1

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, LPC & Clinical Supervisor
    Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon, CADC1

    Individuals & Couples Counseling ~
    Mood Disorder, Anxiety, Relational Patterns, Grief & Loss,
    Substance-related Disorders

    Telephone: 503-765-6448
    Email: keithmackie.lpc@gmail.com
    Website: www.pdxcounseling.org

    Most people have times in their life when a problem doesn't go away on its own, and they find it having a negative impact on their day-to-day life. Sometimes people turn to means of escaping or avoiding the problem, or sometimes the problem leads to a crisis. I believe that my mindfulness-based approach to counseling can help most people address and resolve their problems in life, hopefully before a crisis occurs.

    As a result of my experience as counselor over the years, I have been inspired by the courage and dedication that my clients have demonstrated to confront their concerns and follow paths to make positive changes in their lives. It is my intention to use my experience, education, training and skills to help all clients find these paths toward improvement and decrease their suffering and cultivate feelings of being well.

    I have been counseling since 2006. I am a Cognitive-Behavior (CBT) therapist with a special interest and expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and substance-related concerns. I am also trained in dual diagnosis, trauma-informed care, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and Collaborative Problem Solving (CPSM). I strive to help people meet their goals by examining the connection between how they think, feel (emotionally and physically), behave, and interact with their surroundings; and by teaching the skills of mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. I provide individual counseling with adults ages 18 and up, and provide couples counseling as well. I am happy to provide a free phone consultation to see if my counseling strategies would be a good fit for any interested potential client. Please visit my website to obtain more information about beginning counseling with me and learn more about my background and qualifications.

    Should we decide to move forward with counseling, our therapy together begins with a thorough assessment, including your reasons for seeking counseling and relevant history. During this process (which may take a few sessions), we will begin to develop our therapy relationship and discuss treatment options. We will work together to identify your strengths, define your struggles, and establish your goals. We will utilize proven therapies (e.g. CBT, DBT, MET) to treat your unique situation. In my experience, mindfulness skills and meditation practice or focused concentration skills facilitate therapy and are essential to recovering, discovering, and uncovering your optimal you. Thank you for reading and I wish you well. Keith

    NeginNegin Naraghi, M.A.

    Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Registered Intern #R3732

    Professional Counseling for Adults, Adolescents and Couples

    Telephone: 858-344-8581

    Email: naraghicounseling@gmail.com

    My approach is collaborative, compassionate and honest. I honor each person's story and worldview and am committed to providing safe spaces for people of all communities and backgrounds.

    To ensure you receive the care that is right for you, I draw on an array of evidence based counseling approaches, with a particular focus on person-centered, existential and mindfulness therapy.

    I believe that we are each the experts of our own lives and that we have innate wisdom that can lead us to healing and change. However, life can be complex and painful and at times the challenges we face can feel overwhelming and prevent us from living the life we desire. Regardless of how these issues show up in our lives, it is our innate wisdom that propels us to seek support. As your counselor, I see myself as your ally in helping you get to where you want to be. I am committed to helping you connect with your own truth, find greater meaning in your life and deepen the connection you have with yourself and with others.

    I am passionate about empowering and engaging young people and working together with their families or caregivers to establish strong bonds of connection. Additionally, I understand the unique set of challenges entailed in relocation, displacement, migration and major life transitions and appreciate the role that each person's values, beliefs and backgrounds have on their approach to healing.

    I have an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia with additional in-depth training in group facilitation, youth work, intercultural education and couple's therapy. I have worked with children, adults and groups on issues of anxiety, stress, trauma, abuse, depression, loss, career planning and major life transitions. I have over 10 years of experience working with adolescents as a youth worker in high schools and community agencies, and over 8 years of experience working with immigrant and refugee communities.

    I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and determine if I am the right counselor for you. My standard fee is $40 per hour, with a sliding scale fee option depending on your financial situation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together!

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    Portland, Oregon
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